BMW has announced that it will launch a new product line of Hybrid cars in 2013. This production line will consist of The BMW i3 and i8. The two models will feature the same electric engines, Efficient Dynamics electronics and lithium- ion batteries. Release of the BMW i3 and i8 is confirmed for both the US and Europe in 2013.

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Customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations is what German Motor Works is all about. Our customers are of value and importance to us, and therefore we are willing to work with them. Working and communicating with our customer on a certain product and its value, is something that we feel is important. The saying goes that the customer is always right, and we believe in breaking manufacturing guidelines.
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Porsche is the world’s most profitable car manufacturer
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The Duryea was the first car created in the United States. Only one still exists
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In 1895 there were four cars registered to U.S. citizens
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Three out of every four cars sold are previously owned vehicles
9 Values
Air Conditioner Service $ 69.00
Automatic Transmission Service $ 145.00
Belt Replacement $ 139.00
Brake Inspection No Charge
Coolant Flush $ 65.00


The prices above are starting prices only and depend on several factors such as the actual make and model of the vehicle. Tax and environment charges are extra.