The new 2011 CL550 4Matic features a twin-turbocharged monstrous engine built for speed, including a seven speed adaptive automatioc transmission and a state of the art all wheel drive. Perhaps more to the point, this quick paced monster can gallop from 0 to 60 in only a miniscule of 4.9 seconds.

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Maintenance and service on your car can be confusing to many people who don’t know a lot of information on cars in general. No matter the question that comes to mind, our professional engineer technicians will be sure to have them answered. There are many questions a customer might ask, ranging from the operations of the company, to more simply, if a coupon is redeemable. At German Motor Works, we guarantee that you won’t walk away from our service with a question unanswered.
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Today, there are about 160,000 traffic signals across the United States
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Leonardo da Vinci Designed the first car in 1478.
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The Model T was the first car that Ford mass-produced on the assembly line
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The average American will spend over 300 hours at stop lights in his or her lifetime
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